While substantial development has taken place in the world of Talent Acquisition - catalyzed by the new age workforce, technology and innovation, we still grapple with a few fundamental questions & dilemmas, which often remain unanswered.

FICCI, in collaboration with Strat-Board, presents this incisive TA Philosophies Study - with a view to take stock of current practices, share collective insights and trigger change for long lasting impact to Organizations and Industry.

Participants: CHROs / HR Leaders / CXOs / TA Professionals
Survey Report: All participants get complimentary access to the detailed Study Report
Confidentiality: The Study is anonymous and only collective results shall be published. Demographic details will be used for analysis
1. Name:
2. Designation:
3. Email:
4. Phone:
5. Organisation:
6. Select your company type:
7. Workforce size of your company:
8. Select your Industry :
9. Select your level in the company:
1. What are your top-most hiring challenges (rank 1 being the highest and 6 the lowest in order of priority):
1 2 3 4 5 6
Candidate Quality
Candidate Expectations
Availability of Talent Pool
Early attrition
Turn Around Time (TAT)
2. What is the nature of freelance/gig economy workers being utilized by your organization:
if selected Others then please specify
3. What should the HR/TA Team be most accountable for? (Rank in order of relative priority. 1 being the most and 5 being the least.)
1 2 3 4 5
Quality of Hire
Talent Brand
Talent Pool
4. What does HR/TA Team spend maximum time and efforts on? (indicate % time spent)
Quality of Hire 
Talent Brand 
Talent Pool 
5. What is the extent of automation, (if any) which you have achieved in the following areas of TA
(rate on scale of 1 to 5; 5 being Highest, 1 being lowest)
1 2 3 4 5
Candidate Experience
6. What is the extent to which your organization sends personalized responses to the job applicants :
Entry Level 
Junior Management 
Middle Management 
Senior Management 
7. What is the extent to which the candidates interviewed by your organization are responded to, irrespective of their selection outcomes?
Entry Level 
Junior Management 
Middle Management 
Senior Management 
8. What is the extent to which you give feedback to the rejected candidates?
Entry Level 
Junior Management 
Middle Management 
Senior Management 
9. What is the average number of number of interview rounds you take across different levels (2,3, 4,5, >5)
Entry Level 
Junior Management 
Middle Management 
Senior Management 
10. Do you follow a structured diversity hiring strategy?
11. Which all categories are included in your diversity and inclusion hiring agenda ?
People with Disabilities (PWD)
Diverse Ethnicity / races
Diverse career lines
12. Does your organization have women representation at board level?
13. What are your top 3 sources of Hiring?
Employee referrals
Search Partners
Careers Site
Job Boards
Job Fairs
Social Media / Networking Sites
Alumni Groups
Print/Online Ads
14. Which of the following assessments do you use as a part of your core selection process for most roles?
Cognitive ability / Skill tests
Personality tests
Situation judgements Tests
Role Plays
Pre-Hire Project
Simulation Exercise
15. How frequently do you update your careers page?
16. Is your recruitment process mobile enabled?
17. Have you yet adopted technology in the following aspects of TA?
(5 being the most significant extent and 1 being the lowest extent)
1 2 3 4 5
Soliciting resumes from multiple channels
Screening profiles using AI/ML
Assessing Candidates
Managing Candidate Feedback, Progress and engagement
Predicting Attrition
18. Have you yet crafted a Talent Brand strategy?
19. Other than required experience and skills, which are the factors you use while shortlisting a candidate (select all applicable)
Distance from work location
Marital status
Social Status
Family responsibilities
Stability in previous employment
Previous salary
Previous performance
Social Media activity
Gender for certain roles
20. Which of the following do you measure as a part of your TA metrics? (select all applicable)
Source of hire
Time to hire
Applicants per hire
Candidate experience
Cost per hire
Offer acceptance rate
Quality of hire
Offer-joinee rate
Vacancies v/s Positions filled
Talent Pipeline Growth
Employer Branding
E-mail response rate
Social engagement
Net Company growth
if selected Others then please specify
21. What are your top 3 priorities for the TA Function for the next couple of years